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Beckoning kitty Tatamaru's

Derivative work


© Copyright

Scope of permission for secondary works

You may freely create and publish secondary works (e.g., image submissions, distribution of doujinshi, etc.) within the scope of the following terms of use for personal use only. You do not need to apply or pay any copyright fees. However, we may ask you to stop the publication of any secondary works that the author deems inappropriate, such as those that deviate from the following conditions of use. In addition, we may introduce the published derivative works through Twitter or distribution.

Terms of use


(1) The copyright of the work belongs to the right holder who has granted the necessary rights to the co-creator including the author.

Please indicate the copy right on the secondary works to be published.


(2) Secondary works that are offensive to public order and morals, as well as secondary works related to religion and politics, are prohibited from being produced and published.


(3) Secondary works must not infringe on the ownership rights, intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights), honor, trust, privacy, or other rights of the author, fans, or other third parties.
In addition, please note that the author is not responsible for any problems caused by secondary works.


If you create something that may cause discomfort to viewers or age restrictions, please take appropriate measures (hiding, warning, etc.).

(4) If you create something that may cause offense to viewers or age restrictions, please take appropriate measures (hide it, add a warning, etc.). 


(5) Please avoid malicious modification, alteration, or criticism of the video.


(6) Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

(This does not apply to secondary creative use such as doujinshi and doujinshi goods by individuals at Comiket, etc.)


The author reserves the right to revise these guidelines as necessary.
The author may revise these guidelines as necessary. Fans are requested to conduct their secondary creative activities within the scope of the latest guidelines.

Twitter tag

Fan art → #たたまるにおだちん

Sensitive → #たたまる秘

* Please cooperate in avoiding the search so that you do not get caught in the Twitter search "Tatamaru".

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