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Tatamaru's term

The slang born during a delivery.This is introduced.

Even if you don't remember it, you can understand it somehow, so it's also all right with the first time.

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Ohatamaru(おはたまる) / Kontamaru(こんたまる) / Otsutamaru(おつたまる)

 Good morning, hello, the meaning of cheers for good work. Greeting.

Worshipers(参拝者) / Tatamin(たた民)

 Listener's name. Carrot and stick user.

 There are many people who are interesting.


 A cliché when you get a Super Chat. Everyone will tell you too.


 The name of a listener who is trying to eat Tatamaru.

 They don't seem to be a person.
 There seems to be individual differences such as quadrupedal walking, six legs, and black muddy.
 When their comments come in the delivery

 A series of flows was born in which goods were advertised as a substitute,

 mail order was made, and Tamogumin eats them.

 Cats are friends. It's not bait. I don't know if I'm hungry. Don't eat it.

Five yen coin(五円)

 The first Odachin(money).

 I cherish it with a string from my neck.

 It's a pun on the words 5yen (goen) and fate (goen).


 Today's fortune.

 It may or may not be useful.

Bana loud voice(バナでかい声)

 In the morning frame "Please wake me up with walloping voice".

 The reason was that the worshipers read "Bana"

 when the characters on the thumbnails were partially covered with illustrations and were difficult to see.
 Since then, fan art of Banana x Tamaru-kun and worshipers who call "ridiculously OO" "bana OO" have appeared.

© Copyright

Oden, Dumplings, Butter shellfish string(おでん、餃子、バター貝ひも)

 Tatamaru-kun's favorite food.


 A patrol of the human world. Peace today.

 Tatamaru-kun's friend (emergency food) and a mascot. Gray mouse.


 Difficult to make.

 I rather afraid someone than get along, at first contact. I have less friends than others, a bit...


 The creator. Nipeira.

 Responsible for character design, illustration, 2.0 version of Live2D modeling, editing of this site, etc.


 Dog in the next house. Bullzou of a Bulldog.

© Copyright


 AI left broken.

 The tatamaru official LINE@Bot (automatic reply).

© Copyright


 Kuchaku naiyo!!! No stinky!!! Fresh scent!!!

 The word stinky was newly learned by overseas worshipers.I remembered!

Male calico cat

 Do not search.


 It melts and accumulates. Cats are liquid.

 I made a T-shirt with suzuri.

 The original is #SHIBUYA MELT DOWN.

© Copyright

Typographical series Words I remembered by mistake.

 The appearance of a cat except for delivery.

 I'm hitting with a paw, so I tend to make typographical errors.

 English and the kanji are difficult….

 Because it's a cat.

爆弾祭(Bomb Festival)

 A typographical error in "The Born Festival"(爆誕祭).

 Hashtag. #爆弾祭


 Sensitive mistake.


 "Renewal" make a mistake in saying.

睡眠入道(suimin-do-nyu)sleep induction

 Maybe  "睡眠誘導(suimin-yu-do)" and "睡眠導入(suimin-do-nyu)" are mixed.

 It's difficult because there are a lot of similar Japanese.

 There are many other typographical errors ...

 Even if there is a mistake, I want you to support it gently.

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