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I'd like to make PV

which collected all memories.



Application Guideline


The video you send is used for PV of the song I announce.

Any season or time of year is fine.
You can participate with the videos you already have.
There may be some cutting and editing.
All subjects, privacy, and personal information will be used as agreed upon.
Please check carefully before submitting. 
Applications will be closed as soon as they are received.


-Reference video-

* Luna --Someday in that Summer feat. Rana & Otomachi Una | 2020 Ver.


-Before attaching a video-

It is recommended that you use a file transfer service when posting your video.


If you are able to attend, please be careful of infectious diseases.

Please send your submissions to the following email address with the subject line:"たた夏動画".
tatamaru5656cat ▼ (▼ → @)


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